Fall 2023 Lightning Research Sessions

As a space for interdisciplinary conversation CHArt aims to strengthen existing faculty collaborations and build new ones through Lightning Research Sessions. These sessions invite faculty from various campus departments to present and listen to works-in-progress or recently completed research projects that involve questions of community, place-making, culture, heritage, and the arts. The goals of Lightning Research Sessions are to: provide faculty with opportunities to share their work, learn about the work that our campus departments are undertaking, and spark potential conversations of collaboration and participation.

This session was sponsored by CHArt and the Center for Community-engaged Arts and Design Research (CADRe). There were 16 faculty from 12 campus departments sharing their recently completed or in-progress research projects along with many others from other units who came to listen. There was also a brief overview of CHArt given by Dr. Emily Makaš and CarlosAlexis Cruz as well as an overview of CADRe given by Dr. Vaughn Schmutz. Prior to the presentations, there was a lunch sponsored by both CHArt and CADRe.

Featured Presentations
Laura Waringer and Dr. Sequina DuBoseThe Loray Mill Musical Project
Dr. Sequina DuBose and Tamara WilliamsCultural Preservation, Cultivation and Documentation: Ring Shout Traditions
Tamara WilliamsThe Lavagem Celebration
Mira FrischCharlotte Strings Collective
Meg Whalen and Mira FrischBrowne’s Ferry
Dr. Kaustavi SarkarDance and Community Research Institute
Dr. Jaclyn PiatakRepresentation in the Arts
Dr. Luca LaiSelf-reflections on Empirical Challenges of Community-Based Research in Archaeological Science
Dr. Kristina ShullCharlotte Atlas of Climate Change and Community Resilience
Dr. Matthew Gin and Dr. Julia Robinson MooreThe Equity in Memory and Memorial Project
Samira ShiriDevichCONNECT – Connectivity through Community Asset Mapping
Samira ShiriDevichCollaborating Across Borders: Incorporating Sustainability into Architecture and Design Curriculums
Dr. Dennis OgburnInvestigating the Origins of Inka Monumental Architecture in Cusco, Peru
Beth MurrayThree Research Threads
Dina MassachiCharlOz, A Community Literacy/Arts Festival
Marty GimsonCommunity Engaged CRM- Locating a Lost Burial Ground in Myers Park